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Two technologies available today to resolve climate change

As the attention of our communities and economies remain fixed on mitigating the effects of the global pandemic, Jean-Pascal Tricoire urges us to not lose sight of our planet’s biggest threat: climate change.

The 2020 Innovation Summit: A Guide To A Better Future

This November, the Digital Innovation Summit East Asia 2020 will see thought leaders and experts coming together to discuss how we can design a more resilient and sustainable future.

Why the current crisis could be a defining moment for building a more resilient and sustainable future

Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice-President of Energy Management of Schneider Electric, discusses how the current COVID-19 crisis may be a defining moment in building a more sustainable future.

New Ways of Working: adapting to reality through digital resilience

Elizabeth Hackenson, Chief Content Officer of Schneider Electric, discusses the changing workplace in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Schneider Electric: 10 best practices for energy efficiency in low-occupancy buildings

With many buildings becoming unexpectedly low occupancy Schneider Electric outlines 10 of the best practices for reaching peak energy efficiency in this new environment

Schneider Electric: How digitization can enable business critical resiliency in times of crisis

Schneider Electric explains how your company can adapt and survive a crisis like COVID-19.

A Wiser approach to smart homes

Before turning in for the night at home, do you lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and shut off the lights? Schneider Electric has a Wiser solution…

Smart buildings and the Internet of Things

As we become more connected, so do our products and devices. The Internet of Things is making our buildings smarter than ever, and how should we take advantage of this?

Commercial buildings and the move to smart technology

The smart technology market is only growing, but this tech isn’t just confined to the home – more and more commercial buildings are embracing the modern advances.


The Race To Net-Zero Carbon Urban Design

The dream of a net-zero carbon city is a lofty one, but with proper urban design processes, energy management and advanced technology, this is within our grasp.


The Design, Power And Green Energy Of Tomorrow

As climate change continues to shape the world we live in, green energy sources are becoming more and more vital in our lives, but what part should design play in this?

renewable energy

The UN Calls: It’s Time For Action On Climate Change

Collective action and a multi-stakeholder approach are needed to tackle climate change. Schneider Electric is doing its bit with a climate-impact disclosure tool. Sally Eaves and Gilles Vermot Desroches report.

Schneider Electric KNX home automation

How Schneider’s KNX System Makes Home Automation A Reality Of Today

Home automation needs the right technology behind it to deliver power smoothly and effectively to all the connected devices. Systems such as Schneider Electric’s KNX automation control system assure things always run as they should. Kavita Manral reports.

Climate Change – Our Generation’s Biggest Challenge

 We are already living with the consequences of climate change. And climate change is an energy issue. We must rethink the way we live with energy. Schneider Electric Chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire shares ways we can manage it better.

Voice Control Is Checking In On More Hotels’ Amenity Lists

As more travellers have gotten used to the convenience of voice control systems, they’re now looking to replicate that experience on the road. Is it a worthy investment for hotels? Schneider Electric’s Shovan Sengupta shares more.

Smart Lights: The One Smart Home Gadget For Everyone

Worried about the sheer number of smart home gadgets out there? Start with a smart lighting system. And speaking about smart lighting systems, here are a few from Schneider Electric. Vibhor Pandit shares more.

A Wiser Approach To Smart Homes

The smart home ecosystem comprises a wide range of connected devices and getting everything to work together can test a DIYer’s patience. For that, Schneider Electric offers the Wiser solution. Manish Pant shares more.

EcoStruxure™ Building Helps Luxury Hotel Retrofit For Maximum Efficiency

Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park is a case study of how businesses can achieve greater energy efficiency via retrofitting. Schneider Electric shares more.

Paving The Way To Smart Cities

The Smart City vision is far from unreal, yet far enough to make us question our approach. Ram Venkat from Schneider Electric shares some steps we need to pave a (sustainable) way there.

How To Make Home Automation Simple And Achievable

The need for ease and flexibility in the automated management and regulation for homes and office buildings are increasing. Schneider Electric introduces KNX home control and building management systems. Atin Chhabra shares more.