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Zenith Verse Collection: Bringing home into the open office

With their new Verse Collection, Zenith Design Studio is translating the home’s privacy into workspaces that have been designed for collaboration, creating offices that are worth the commute.

Zenith Verse Collection: Bringing home into the open office

Two years into the global work-from-home experiment, we’ve changed the way we work. We’ve built new skills in connecting with colleagues. We’ve increased our proficiency in digital collaboration platforms. We’ve also learned that working from home can be exceptionally efficient and productive – the privacy, comfort and seclusion provided by the home office enables high levels of concentration and focus.

Even before the pandemic, employees struggled to stay focused in open plan offices yet the social and organisational benefits of such spaces meant this fact was often overlooked. The extended period of working from home has brought to the forefront the natural need for privacy and personal space within shared environments. Zenith Design Studio has introduced the Verse Collection to create that personal space for everyone.

In its many configurations, the Verse Collection enables a diverse collection of rooms that provide a private workspace, while also reducing meeting room congestion and allowing for flexible allocation of space within a fixed workplace. Whether labelled as productivity hubs, focus rooms or meditation rooms, the result is the same: a quiet space where employees can find focus, confidentiality, or hold a private meeting within an open, collaborative floor plan layout.

The Verse Collections caters to the need for privacy yet still allows groups to collaborate openly without fear of disturbing others. When paired with Zenith’s Kissen Collection of sitting or standing tables and the SOL-Sit Lounge Modules, each Verse room not only delivers comfortable personal spaces, but also expands the scope of what can be achieved within those environments.

Verse 1

Zenith Verse 1

A privacy room for the individual, Verse 1 allows the employee to remove themselves from the distractions of a bustling workplace. It is a room within a room that allows employees to take a private phone call or host an online meeting without interruption, with a shelf to perch devices and a gallery rail to hang brainstorming tools.

Receiving 3 Green Star Credits for acoustics, Verse 1 creates ambience, minimising the noise of the office for the employee in private mode while ensuring those focused in the central workspace remain undisturbed. The addition of air ventilation and adjustable lighting create a balanced and comfortable environment that fosters focus.

Verse 2

Zenithe Verse 2

Verse 2 offers a larger focus room, capable of comfortably catering to both the single employee or the couple in need of privacy, all while minimising the noise for those outside the room. It is fitted with a gallery rail to hang a white board or cork board for ideation by the group.

Certified 3 Green Star for acoustics, the room is also equipped with air ventilation and adjustable lighting to balance the environment for focus as well as comfort. It is fitted with a media panel and shelf suitable for video conferencing, especially when paired with the SOL-Sit lounge on the opposite wall.

Verse 3

Zenith Verse 3

An extended space, Verse 3 is a generous meeting room that offers enhanced privacy for the group in discussion, while reducing the noise of the conversations taking place inside the privacy room for those focused outside. A media panel can be placed with a table at sitting or standing height for video conferencing and collaborative work.

With 3 Green Star Credits for acoustics, as well as air ventilation and adjustable lighting, Verse 3 creates a comfortable environment for collaboration.

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