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Wirefree Motors: Next-Gen Solution For Smart Blinds

Automated blinds and curtains used to be associated with noisy and unnecessarily fussy mechanism. Enter Somfy’s new, rechargeable, silent and app-friendly Wirefree Motors automatic control.

Wirefree Motors: Next-Gen Solution For Smart Blinds

Somfy, the market leader in automatic controls for window coverings, takes another step forward to the smart home of the future, with the launch of Wirefree Motors for its curtains and blinds.

As the name suggests, the Wirefree Motors do away with wires and have built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery instead, for easier installation and maintenance. No hacking or drilling is necessary, making the range child-, pet-, rental- and pocket-friendly compared to wired solutions.

Designed to fit all kinds of blinds, curtains, and windows, the Wirefree Motors allow you to automate your shades using a remote control or your smart devices via the Connexoon by Somfy app. The operation is smooth and silent too, so you can enjoy unobtrusive technology no matter the time of day.

It’s easy to embrace smart home living with all the innovative benefits that come with Wirefree Motors.

Schedule your shades to open and close automatically. Adjust ambience settings according to your preference. Control your shades remotely and appear to be home when you are out. Better yet, connect to your smart home ecosystem and activate your shades by voice.

While the convenience and ease of operation are exemplary, the sleek motor design of the units makes them a great fit in any home. Furthermore, the Wirefree Motors complement existing Somfy products beautifully.

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