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Space Is Precious. Create More With Geberit’s Space-Saving Solutions

Maximising usable space is an increasingly important consideration in the design and construction of high-rise residential and commercial buildings.

  • Space Is Precious. Create More With Geberit’s Space-Saving Solutions

    Left: Geberit's Pluvia for roof drainage. Right: Sovent for cost effective building drainage

BY Andrew McDonald

14 June, 2018

Geberit, is the European market leader with over 150 years experience, and renowned for behind-the-wall fixtures. Geberit offers a range of sophisticated sanitary and drainage solutions that have been proven to not only create more space, but minimise costs without compromising on quality. These trusted space-saving solutions are underpinned by Swiss innovation, precision and quality, allowing for more extensive creative freedom, which has given the brand a well-earned position in the architecture and design community.

Geberit’s range of concealed cisterns creates more space in the bathroom while offering the ultimate in design freedom. And it’s this minimalistic, contemporary look that customers demand. With the most extensive product range on the market, there’s a concealed cistern solution for every bathroom…

Geberit Sovent is a self-venting drainage fitting that does away with the need for a secondary vent line. Because of this, the duct size is reduced to approximately an A4 sized sheet of paper. More fittings can be attached, up to 10 metres from the stack, which means fewer stacks, fewer core holes, fewer fire collars, less labour, lower costs and the creation of considerably more useable space.


The Marco Apartments saved 104-square-metres thanks to Geberit


Geberit Pluvia is a siphoning roof drainage system that uses significantly smaller pipes and significantly fewer outlets and downpipes than conventional drainage. As siphonic drainage doesn’t require any pipe gradient, ceiling and car park roof heights are not impacted, creating far more useable space.

Siphonic roof drainage is much more effective than conventional drainage as it is able to discharge higher volumes of water – up to a huge 1000L per second. This means it uses up to 80 per cent fewer outlets and downpipes with far less extensive groundwork, which means a significant reduction in labour and material costs.

All of Geberit’s behind the wall products are made of quality High-Density Polyethylene, which has a 50-year design life, is able to be recycled and is far kinder to the environment than PVC. Geberit has worked with some of Australia’s leading architects and building designers to create more space in their high rise projects, without altering the project footprint. Proving to be an invaluable win-win, Geberit has been able to save on labour and materials while delivering more useable space for its clients.


Queensland’s Gurner Flatiron Building saved 92 sqm with Geberit’s design solutions


The Geberit team is committed to the success of local architecture and design, with a support team to assist and guide through projects of any size, along with a research and development team who are continuing to look forward with more of the innovation and unsurpassed quality the brand is known for.

For more information and resources, visit Geberit online


Wollongong Hospital’s Car Park saved 200hrs of labour with Geberit

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