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Your Latest Digital Resource for Specifying + Designing

Introducing, Haworth’s revamped website, intended to be a one-stop home for designers and specifiers looking for the best for their projects.

BY Andrew McDonald

17 January, 2017

Haworth has also strived to offer up the best for designers and researchers looking for innovation in the world of workplace design. As the notion of the ‘office’ evolves and changes in the 21st century, so do our design and specification practices. Haworth is more than a furniture manufacturer, and it’s with this changing landscape in mind that has driven the design of the new site, and offerings available.

The site has been created with the professional designer and specifier in mind. Aside from featuring a high quality gallery of the full suite of Haworth products, with full specifications, presented alone and in situ, the site showcases a range of supplementary features for the modern designer.

Visitors are able to explore and experience full presentations of existing design fit outs featuring the Haworth previous projects, serving as inspiration as well as a way to see how a particular object or concept might work in real life, rather than in a static presentation.

Design is a constantly evolving practice, and Haworth knows this. In order to stay with, and ahead, of the curve, designers need to constantly thinking on their feet and aware of the trends that are taking place in the industry. Here’s where Haworth’s Research section comes into play. A uniquely catered and constantly growing project, the Research section of the new site features Case Studies, industry White Papers, Key Research Topics for designers, as well as an ever-updating Trends page. This is a place to showcase smart and independent thinking about office design and workplace culture, comprising a curated selection of think pieces from around the web.

Designed to demonstrate Haworth’s research and workplace knowledge, the site fulfils the needs of the professional designer, specifier, and serves as a fascinating insight into the industry for the design loving layperson.

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