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Beyond the Surface with Roselle Mont Clair

Roselle Mont Clair is a name synonymous with beautiful, colourful and thoughtfully designed fabrics, and it’s easy to see why.

Beyond the Surface with Roselle Mont Clair


28 October, 2014

Top image: Fortuna, Sachi and Marvel

Translated as ‘good fortune’ in Italian, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese, Fortuna features a vibrant array of colours to suit any environment; the collection pairs well with Sachi’s striped woven patterns in an organic style, and Marvel’s elegant and understated diamond accent jacquard patterns.

Frondescence and Sage

Inspired by the patterns of palm leaves, Frondescence’s leaf-veined shapes are beautifully highlighted by a jacquard sheer fabric, and makes a great pairing with Sage’s calm and muted tones.

Astaire and Grant

Taking its inspiration from Fred Astaire, a style icon who personified old school class at its finest, Astaire is a classic Pied De Poule, but with a modern twist. Also embodying old school at its finest, the Glen Urquhart Plaid classic woven tweed has Cary Grant as its muse.


Equally intriguing, Wonderful is a dual-face fabric with fade out hues and a unique sheen.


A vivacious crush of hues and shades, the aptly named Brillante offers irresistible texture through its patterned construction.

Roselle Mont Clair

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