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apaiser: The life and Sòl of the bathroom

As the unparalleled focal-point for bathroom design, the quality of a freestanding bathtub can mean the difference between average and exceptional interiors. And with their range of sculptural, sustainable and luxurious baths, no one executes this better than apaiser.

apaiser: The life and Sòl of the bathroom

Ensuring their tagline “Sanctuary in Stone” resonates as strongly today as it did at their inception 20 years ago, apaiser has released a small minimal and functional range that prioritises soft curves and clean lines, without being frugal on luxury.

The range, called Sòl, is named after the Norse goddess of the sun, a deity of protection and presider over thermal springs. Inspired by Nordic aesthetics, the collection embraces a simple, unornamented style.

The bath’s crisp lines and unembellished aesthetic evokes the feeling of bathing in a calming and minimalist European bathhouse, reflecting the practical designs and way of life of the Nordic. The collection also includes a countertop basin, single and double vanities and a complimentary table or stool. Each piece is slightly sleek and timeless, yet with apaiser’s signature tailoring.

apaiser’s outstanding levels of luxury is paired with adherence to the highest standard of ethics, both environmentally and in manufacturing.

Ahead of the times, sustainable material and customisation has been at the core of apaiser’s brand ethos since its foundation. Maintaining this track record, the company has done extensive research to source reclaimed and ethically produced materials that match its bespoke ethos.

“As a proud Australian brand, our desire to preserve our beautiful country and the world around us, inspired us to explore recycled and reclaimed, ethically sourced raw materials and environmentally sensitive production processes,” says apaiser.

This exploration has led to the innovation of their own material that is a unique blend of reclaimed marble enhanced with minerals sourced from the Australian Barossa region. The remarkable result is a highly-durable and fade resistant product, known as apaiserMARBLE®.

“apaiser was conceived to realise my vision of providing us all with a sanctuary in our home, where we could revitalise and refresh,” says apaiser founder Belinda Try. “To deliver my dream, I created our unique reclaimed apaiserMARBLE® to dress the bathroom in the uncomplicated joys of nature.”

The sustainable product is ethically manufactured by apaiser-owned ateliers in Southeast Asia that adhere to the highest standards for the health and safety of their people.

apaiser has set a precedent among both Australian and international bathroom manufacturers when it comes to providing luxury goods that care for people and for the earth.

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