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Functionality, Practicality, Sentimentality: 8 Designs For Montana Freeplay – Vol 1

From a transformable unit designed to grow up with the children to tributes to a retro sci-fi flick and an endangered local architectural icon, here are the 8 designs in P5 Studio and Montana’s Freeplay competition.


The Sky Experience From CoeLux

Italian artificial lighting CoeLux uses nanotechnology optical system that reproduces the effect of natural sunlight and visual appearance of the sky, convincingly. Now available in Singapore!

Silence In Motion: Somfy Glydea Ultra

Designed for silence, Somfy Glydea Ultra is the quietest motor system for draperies in the market for any space where silence offers well-being.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Moooi’s Extinct Animal Fabrics

Have you ever wondered how a dodo or a bearded leopard might feel like? Behold Moooi’s Extinct Animal Fabrics, a high-end upholstery fabric collection developed from archival drawings of lost creatures.


Citterio And Colombo’s Latest From Flexform In Singapore

Antonio Citterio joined forces with Carlo Colombo for Flexform’s 2018 collection. Launched in Milan Design week, these timeless pieces have landed in Flexform Singapore showroom.

10 Next-Gen Product Ideas To Look Forward To At IMM Cologne’s Pure Talents Contest 2019

Tiles made of paper, tabletops from waste timber and lamps with salt batteries are amongst the products selected for the Pure Talents Contest exhibition at IMM Cologne 2019 in January. 

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