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The brilliant new Zenith Perth showroom

With a history going back over 100 years, the building that houses the new Zenith Perth showroom is a deserving home for such a vital design brand.

Reflecting on 2020 with the JAC Chair

Design firms from across Asia present their take on 2020 in a design competition by Zenith Interiors.

Remix Tuned to Perform

Remix is leading the way in workplace health and well being by providing the end user with an experience like no other.

Bring the outside in, with Para Vert

Ippolito Fleitz Group reimagines our connection with nature through a sophisticated system of biophilic room dividers.

Ridge: furniture by the way of the Australian outback 01

Ridge: furniture by the way of the Australian outback

Founded in 2010, Beeline is the result of a sincere love of authenticity in furniture design, and with the Ridge collection, a love of the classic Australian corrugated iron roof.

Zenith Interiors Lapalma

Italian Style And Apertivos With Lapalma At Zenith Interiors

Zenith introduced Lapalma to the Singapore market with an Italian-themed night at its One Raffles Place showroom. Were you there for apertivos?

INDE.Awards Best of the Best Produce

Produce: Shaping A Progressive Practice

Singaporean studio Produce was recognised with the Best of the Best accolade at the INDE.Awards 2019. We unpack the innovative and progressive spirit that earned them this ultimate regional honour.

INDE.Awards 2019 Day Program Announced!

Register now for these knowledge and networking sessions with INDE.Awards VIPs and leading lights from the Indo-Pacific’s design and architecture scene.


Who Will Take Home INDEs Gold?

In just under three weeks, the winners of the INDE.Awards 2019 will be announced at a grand gala event in Melbourne. Here’s the full download ahead of the big night.

The Language Of Regionalism

What makes a project stand out in a particular region? Why does regionalism in design count in today’s world of increasing urbanisation? We explore….

Zenith Brunner A-Lounge

Modern & Restrained: Brunner’s A-Collection

The A-Collection by Brunner evokes minimalism and design harmony. What’s more, it makes for a stunning addition to a multitude of commercial spaces.

Introducing Your 2019 INDE.Awards Partners

As the INDE.Awards continues to be a true reflection of design and architecture from the Indo-Pacific region, it is our partners – through their support – that show what the industry has to offer.

SEELA: A Fusion Of Ergonomic And Aesthetics

Lapalma’s story began in the 1980s, and while it has embraced modernity, SEELA is proof the company’s love of classic design shapes is here to stay.


The Edit: INDE 2018 Project Picks

At the start of the new year, the editorial team reflects on last year’s INDE.Awards, selecting some projects that deserve another round in the spotlight.

Zenith Sean Dix

5 Minutes With… Sean Dix!

On his recent tour of New Zealand, the Indesign Media team caught up with Sean Dix on the aspects of contemporary design that continue to influence his inimitable practice.


A Room Within A Room Courtesy Of BuzziSpace

Launched at NeoCon 2018, BuzziSpark from Buzzispace is a collection of high-back sofas that offers a shielded escape from stressful moments to decompress and regroup.

benjamin hubert

5 Minutes With … Benjamin Hubert Of LAYER

With AXYL, his new range of furniture in collaboration with Allermuir, Benjamin Hubert reinforces the importance of substance, style and sustainability.

SEA Futures: The INDE.Awards Seminar at Zenith Singapore

What are some of the most pressing issues for architects and designers to address in Southeast Asia? A seminar featuring six of the INDEs Shortlisted projects was an opportunity to learn and discuss.

Five Minutes With … Schamburg + Alvisse!

Following their recent win at the Good Design Awards (2018) for the EDO Streetscape, we catch up with the NZ powerhouse Schamburg + Alvisse.

The Red Revolution: Red Energy By Carr Design Leaves A Distinct Mark On The Commercial Landscape

Is there anything as dynamic as a revolution? Rapid, rambunctious, and radical, revolutions are often over as swiftly as they begin, leaving behind a swirl of rubble to be rebuilt and rearranged into something new. In short: revolutions are great, but they can only last so long.