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Choosing LED Lighting For Enclosures: 6 Important Features

Planning to use or switch to LED lighting in your enclosures? Fernando Campos-Carlon of Schneider Electric shares six important questions to ask.

Going Green: How The Design Industry Is Embracing A Return To Its Roots

The old saying goes that “sticks and stones can break bones”. But is there really any reason to be afraid of nature?

Creating A ‘Brand Experience’: Bringing Design Thinking To Service AND Products

As new technologies emerge and new forms of the built environment gain traction, one brand is using inspired design thinking to reimagine how it operates.

The Red Revolution: Red Energy By Carr Design Leaves A Distinct Mark On The Commercial Landscape

Is there anything as dynamic as a revolution? Rapid, rambunctious, and radical, revolutions are often over as swiftly as they begin, leaving behind a swirl of rubble to be rebuilt and rearranged into something new. In short: revolutions are great, but they can only last so long.

What Do Smart Modernised Buildings Look Like?

Kurt Gokbudak of Schneider Electric shares some insights on modernising ageing buildings with a few successful case studies around the world.

How Schneider Electric Envisions A Sustainable Future Through Innovation

The Paris climate agreement maps out that we must limit global warming to two degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels. Globally, that means cutting emissions in half in a world where energy consumption will go up almost by 50 per cent. Jean-Pascal Tricoire shares Schneider Electric’s strategy to tackle this.

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