Delve into the latest industry developments and discussions.


Co-existing With Machines: Iain MacDonald of Scott Brownrigg On Tech-led Development

As Singapore strives to become a ‘smart nation’, what impact will technology-led development have on urban form and culture? Scott Brownrigg Director Iain MacDonald shares his thoughts.


Agile, Cellular, ‘Anti-Workplace’: Insights On Workplace Culture From Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot’s workplace interior design expert Amanda Stanaway shares some critical insights into the changing nature of our working lives and how design can be used as a powerful tool.


Genome Architects Explore A Different Design Approach To Prefab Construction

Genome Architects (GA) explore precast concrete systems as a way of engaging buildability in their own terms.

The Transition To An All-Electric World: So Much More Than Decarbonisation

Vincent Petit of Schneider Electric elaborates on how the transition to an all-electric renewable-based energy system constitutes the opportunity of the century to propel the global economic development.


GloW-DESIGN Sets A New Agenda For Global Design Education

Will today’s design graduates be relevant tomorrow? Are they truly relevant today? A new Universal Design Education Charter, developed at GloW-DESIGN’s ReDesignEd Educators Forum in Singapore, sets out a framework for the future.

orgatec materiality devorm

Materiality At Work: Insights From Orgatec 2018

The rise of ‘softer’ workplace designs and blurred typologies leaves an opening for a new kind of materiality. We look at how this area was explored at Orgatec 2018. Hint: it’s about the convergence of technology and materials.

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