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Will you take the ten day hospital challenge?

Say what you will about the administration of China, they sure know how to address a lack of medical facilities in the face of a crisis.

#ConstructionDeclares Singapore

Singapore architects and engineers join the declaration of environmental crisis and commit to positive action.

Why The ‘Third Place’ Is Revolutionising The Way We Work

According to sociologist Ray Oldenburg, “third places are public spaces on neutral ground where people can gather and interact.” We review two INDE.Award-contending projects that revolutionise the meaning of ‘collaborative engagement’ at work.


A Case For The Conservation Of Modern Architecture

At the eight mASEANa International Conference 2019, insights into best practice in the UK and USA were paired by the impetus of local advocates for a new system that recognises the value of modern architecture beyond economic returns.

su-san tan space matrix

Designing The Workplace For The Future Of Work

Su-San Tan, the recently appointed Director of Workplace Strategy and Insights at Space Matrix, writes about why it’s important to create a workplace that is nourishing for an organisation.

Climate Change – Our Generation’s Biggest Challenge

 We are already living with the consequences of climate change. And climate change is an energy issue. We must rethink the way we live with energy. Schneider Electric Chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire shares ways we can manage it better.

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