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7 Categories Of Bad Design According To Alice Rawsthorn

British design critic and author Alice Rawsthorn talked more about bad design at Brainstorm Design Conference. Her updated categories included examples from Mattel, Adidas, Burberry and Nokia.

Where Is The Evidence That Digitisation Is Indeed Working?

Through digitisation, we can scale human capability to unprecedented levels. But how do we know that it’s working? Rebecca Edwards of Schneider Electric shares some findings from case studies.

The DNA Of Smart Buildings: Past, Present, And Future

How can Facility Managers transform their facilities – old, new, a mix of both – into Smart Buildings? Ram Venkar of Schneider Electric shares that, if done the right way with a clear vision, the returns will far outweigh the costs.

Making Smart Choices For Smarter Homes

A smart home contains connected devices, but it’s more than the sum of those devices. It should directly respond to its owners’ real-life needs. Philippe Delorme of Schneider Electric shares more.

Kenny Kinugasa Tsui On Co-Working Space Design

What is the next big thing in coworking space design? How do coworking spaces in Asia differ from those in other regions? Bean Buro’s Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui shares insights from his book Co-Working Space Designs.


SingaPlural Master Lectures 2019: Design Innovation In The Cross-Disciplinary Space

Elena Manferdini, Raffi Lehrer and Brandon Kruysman shared their achievements, experiences in discovering new potentials in the cross-disciplinary spaces.

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