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Today’s Critical Decisions For Tomorrow’s Sustainable World

August 1, 2018, marked the year’s Earth Overshoot Day. Schneider Electric estimates that technology and energy management could move this date 21 days to the right direction. Gilles Vermot Desroches shares more.


The Edit: INDE 2018 Project Picks

At the start of the new year, the editorial team reflects on last year’s INDE.Awards, selecting some projects that deserve another round in the spotlight.

Alila Zero Waste Alila Ubud pool

Alila Transforms Its Bali Operations To Produce Zero Waste For Landfill

The processing, recycling and upcycling of all waste produced at Alila Hotels & Resorts’ four Bali properties addresses the island’s dire pollution problem.

Self-Consumption, A Way To Increase The ROI Of Your Residential Solar Installation

Domestic electricity demand typically doesn’t coincide with the production rates offered by solar panels. Sébastien Mathiou of Schneider Electric shares some strategy to maximise self-consumption.

Reduce Downtime And increase Safety With Coordinated Motor Starters

Motor failure is a disproportionally large contributor to costly downtime in businesses across industries. Anmol Joneja of Schneider Electrics proposes coordinated motor starter schemes that address this problem.

data centre design

Redefining Data Centre Design For IT Solution Delivery Efficiency

Schneider Electric partners with Cisco to provide plug-and-play integrated rack enclosures that redefine data centre design for more efficient IT solution delivery. Ron Catanzaro shares more.

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