Introducing Your 2019 INDE.Awards Partners

Published by
Aleesha Callahan
April 16, 2019

As the INDE.Awards continues to be a true reflection of design and architecture from the Indo-Pacific region, it is our partners – through their support – that show what the industry has to offer.

So much of architecture is about context. What makes the Indo-Pacific unique is a multitude of things – climate, materiality, history and culture. Now into its third year, the 2019 INDE.Awards puts the best design from the region on a global stage, while keeping a firm eye on the very things that make us different. From an internationally recognised jury to the melting pot of talent, the INDE.Awards is all about creating community and celebrating the very best. But behind the glitz and the glamour is a selection of incredible design companies that have joined us for the journey.

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Introducing your illustrious 2019 INDE.Awards Partners…



Platinum Sponsor

Zenith returns to the 2019 INDE.Awards as a Platinum partner. With showrooms right across the far reaches of the region, Zenith understands the scale and variety of design on offer.

Reflecting this thinking, Zenith’s product and design manager Matt Vescovo, says: “Within each APAC country the scale and manufacturing capability varies so greatly. Across the board, each region brings something unique. In Australia designers produce world-leading architecture and products with limited access to manufacturing technologies and materials. New Zealand leads the way when it comes to sustainability in design, and Asia has really grown from what was a region always labelled as ‘copycat’.”

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This diversity across the region is supported in the work that Zenith does, as well as being showcased at the INDE.Awards.

krakani-lumi by Taylor and Hinds Architects. 2018 INDE.Awards Best of the Best winner. Photo by Adam Gibson



The Building

Since its inaugural year, Cult has been partnered with The Building, which is a reflection of how it respects design across the region.

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Director and founder of Cult Richard Munao elaborates: “There is a real sense of confidence in design across the Asia Pacific. It’s a huge region spanning a diverse range of cultures, each with its own uniqueness, yet what unites us is the way in which we embrace and celebrate our own cultural distinctiveness. The Asia Pacific is a leader in what we do and our region is definitely one to look to. It’s very important to celebrate good design from our region. It allows us to acknowledge our design history, reflect on our journey and use our achievements to inspire us as we continue to move forward.”

Adelaide Convention Centre Redevelopment: East Building by Woods Bagot. Photo by Trevor Mein. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project


Living Edge

The Learning Space

Childcare centres, universities and schools – education is a building block of society. It’s through these spaces that future generations can learn, grow and be equipped for what lies ahead.

Living Edge is a firm believer in the importance of investing in the future. By delivering a portfolio of world-class education products, it is our commitment to provide authentic, sustainable furniture to support the leaders of tomorrow today,” shares Living Edge CEO Aidan Mawhinney. And whether a library in Vietnam, or the latest hi-tech institution from Melbourne, the projects recognised in the INDE.Awards are at the top of their game.

52Arts by PAL Design Group. Photo by Dick Liu. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project


Zip Water

The Wellness Space

No longer a buzz word but a veritable consideration across many typologies, wellness is an important design consideration. Hospital projects, clinics, even the best in workplace design, all facilitate a sense of health and wellbeing.

Seeing this materialise in the A&D space, Zip Water’s marketing director Tom Fisher says: “In recent years, the design industry has reinvented the idea of a traditional workplace, creating considered work environments that aim to improve people’s productivity and creativity through the tools and resources surrounding them. Ensuring employees stay hydrated throughout their working day is critical not only to performance and concentration but also to health and wellbeing. Having the opportunity to see global ideas and concepts around wellness also encourages further creativity and innovation among peers across the industry.”

Zephyr by The Stella Collective. Photo by Peter Clarke. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project


PGH Bricks

The Shopping Space

The way in which consumers buy and shop is changing, seeing this change and wanting to support the designers bringing in a new era of retail, the INDE.Awards is proud to welcome PGH Bricks as a partner for The Shopping Space.

“With online retail continuing to grow at a rapid pace, never before has it been so important for physical retailers to focus on customer experience. To draw customers away from their screens and into stores, retailers need to create eye-catching, welcoming spaces that are a pleasure to visit; exciting destinations in their own right. At PGH Bricks we enjoy helping clients push boundaries to create extraordinary designs both in the residential and commercial spheres. The INDE.Awards is a platform that showcases Asia Pacific’s most progressive buildings and we are excited to support the designers and architects that do our region proud,” says PGH Bricks’ General Manager of Marketing, Jai Sanderson.

The Daily Edited Melbourne Flagship by Pattern Studio. Photo by Sean Fennessey. 2018 INDE.Awards Honourable Mention



The Luminary

The Luminary is a prestigious award, recognising the ongoing talent and contribution to design from the brightest stars in the industry. For the third year, Wilkhahn has partnered with The Luminary at the INDE.Awards.

“Wilkhahn is looking forward to helping add yet another outstanding individual to this prestigious alumnus of leading lights of the architecture and design world. These are the industry leaders who distinguish themselves by their skill, passion, foresight and influence. Vibrant and talented, they illuminate others by the strength of their work,” says Blair Coventry, Director of Sales, Australia and New Zealand.

Khai Liew. Photo by Randy Larcombe. 2018 INDE.Awards Luminary and People’s Choice nominee



The Prodigy

Who are the young guns of the industry – the ones that are shaking up the status quo and carving their own path? These rising designers deserve some time in the limelight and that’s exactly what The Prodigy is for.

Returning to support The Prodigy for the third year in a row is Dekton by Cosentino. “We believe in the future of the industry. And that future is in the hands of the outstanding design talent from across the region. The nominees of The Prodigy consistently impress with their hunger and entrepreneurial spirit,” says Con Papadakis, Cosentino’s Regional Director.

Linehouse. Photo by Ambrous Young. 2018 INDE.Awards Prodigy and People’s Choice nominee.



The Multi-Residential Building

There is no denying that as our cities get denser, the only option is to build up. The Multi-Residential Building category at the INDE.Awards recognises the growth in this area and honours the best examples of living tall. For Bosch, this is all too important.

“The biggest change in the multi-residential space is, without doubt, the scarcity of land available to cater to the increasing population within the APAC region. This obviously creates a range of issues regarding both development types and development locations. In particular, we are now seeing greater density in living, leading to space becoming more condensed and more affordable for the everyday homeowner. We have also seen a greater focus on open plan living; which requires spaces that can be adaptable and kitchens that become more integrated within the total living space,” shares Robert Warner, General Manager Australia.

Elwood House by Woods Bagot with Hecker Guthrie. Photo by Shannon McGrath. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project



The Living Space

Right across the region, we see a range of examples where people are living in a way that suits their needs and considers the world around them. This award is all about celebrating these innovative approaches.

Behind The Living Space award is Gaggenau, a brand that understands luxury through craftsmanship. “Today, more and more of our homes are a reflection of our individuality, further categorised by signature, luxury pieces. Luxury is the essence of what the Gaggenau brand stands for, and our partnership with the INDE.Awards is created through a shared vision of the living space,” says Robert Warner, General Manager, BSH Australia.

King Bill by Austin Maynard Architects. Photo by Derek Swalwell. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project



The Object

The INDE.Awards is about more than just accolades. It’s about uniting people through exceptional design, whether it be a project, a product or a person. Haworth joins the INDE.Awards in 2019 as The Object category Partner.

“Design has the power to make an impact, including bringing people and places together. It both enriches and inspires those who engage and inhabit it. Good design deserves to be celebrated. We’re excited to be partnering with the INDE.Awards, showing our support for design across Asia Pacific,” says Cory Cvetkovic, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand.

The Remnants Table Series by Josh Carmody Studio. 2018 INDE.Awards winner


Woven Image

The Social Space

The places where we socialise can be hotbeds for innovation and quality design, whether a hotel, a bar or your local café. These spaces encourage face-to-face interaction and are ever more important in today’s growing digital culture.

For Tony Sutton, Managing Director of Woven Image, celebrating the industry in a way that fosters community is an important message to send. “Design can bring people together and that is something worth recognising. For us, collaboration is critical, whether that’s with our designers or long-running partnerships. We’re honoured to continue this sense of community and collaboration by partnering with the 2019 INDE.Awards,” shares Sutton.

The George on Collins by Hecker Guthrie. Photo by Earl Carter. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project


Herman Miller

The Design Studio

Who are the people behind the work? The teams that collaborate, experiment and push boundaries? The Design Studio category at the INDE.Awards is all about recognising this kind of talent, and there are plenty of design firms right across the region that fall into this.

In 2019, Herman Miller is partnering with The Design Studio, showcasing the importance of the people behind the work. “The INDE.Awards program places a key spotlight on design in the Asia Pacific. We’re excited to be supporting the outstanding regional talent, the talent that deserves to be recognised,” says Mike Radda Sales Director of Herman Miller Australia and New Zealand.

KPDO Melbourne. Photo by Anson Smart. 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted practice


The INDE.Awards Gala will provide the backdrop for the design industry to come together – in person – and revel in the outstanding work created across the region.