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Castlery Launches Designer Collections

In a bid to democratise furniture designs for the masses, Castlery has launched new furniture pieces in collaboration with international designers.

  • Gable Armchair by Charles Wilson

  • Lily Collection by James Harrison

  • Strato Collection by Paolo Cappello

  • Bambu Collection by Yonoh Studios

  • Veil Collection by Phil Procter

  • Luna Collection by Krystian Kowalski

  • Castlery founders (front row) and designers of Castlery Feat collections (back row)

  • Daniel Boey (left) with James Harrison

  • Phil Procter showing his design at the launch event

  • Castlery co-founder Declan Ee (far right) with a guests and Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma

BY Asih Jenie

11 May, 2017

Homegrown furniture brand Castlery launched its inaugural designer collection last week. Dubbed Castlery Feat, this collection marks the brand’s continued endeavour to democratise furniture designs for the masses and provide a platform for designers to reach the wider middle-income community in Singapore.

The collection comprises six furniture families designed by six international design houses. “The design houses are specifically handpicked for Castlery’s inaugural collaboration series not only because of their highly impressive accolades but also because of our shared philosophy that design should be accessible to everyone,” said Declan Ee, Castlery’s co-founder. He added, “Through this partnership, we aim to advance further towards our goal of bringing good design into everyone’s home.”

The international creative are Australian designer Charles Wilson, British designers James Harrison and Phil Procter, Italian designer Paolo Cappello, Polish designer Krystian Kowalski, and Spanish duo Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma of Studio Yonoh. They worked with Castlery’s supply chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which allowed for faster design realisation without higher production costs.

Wilson, Harrison, Procter, del Portillo and Selma were present at the collection’s launch at the Castlery showroom in Delta Road last week. See images of the collection and the launch in the gallery above.

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