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NAU’s Take On ‘Life Work’ At Denfair 2019

A slew of new and updated products, a special installation, an AR app and a brand new online shop from NAU came together to present a fresh take on our increasingly integrated work and personal lives.


Watch The Highlights From The INDE.Awards 2019!

With a glittering affair at the Melbourne Museum, the INDE.Awards 2019 showcased some of the outstanding talent from across the Indo-Pacific region – and we caught it on film!

Is Bamboo Architecture Of The Future? A Note From KLAF 2019

Two talks held during the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2019 by architects Eleena Jamil and Low Ewe Jin discussed the viability of bamboo as an architectural material in urban and suburban contexts.

Potocco Celebrates A Century Of Detail And Craft

Potocco made an impression in Salone with blended indoor and outdoor spaces that embraced the contemporary and celebrated wood crafting and customisation traditions – a fitting presentation for its 100th anniversary.


Joint Forces: The Collabs And Latest Releases At Saturday Indesign Melbourne

Collaboration is perhaps one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s and supplier’s arsenal. And where better to release the full power of collaborative creative vision than Saturday in Design? Here we revisit 10 top collaborations from this year’s event.

Cubes 96: Consuming Encounters

What and how are we consuming in the spaces where we socialise, relax, play and shop? How are brand, experience and social interaction colliding in new ways? Cubes 96 takes a broad look at encounters of consumption.

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