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The hansgrohe brand stands for multi-award winning showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen mixers, as well as kitchen sinks that focus on the needs of users, making their living environment more beautiful and comfortable.

To meet the beauty of water in the bathroom and kitchen, hansgrohe develops trendsetting solutions that bring together outstanding design, long-lasting quality and intelligent functions for the ultimate convenience.

Dedication, art of German engineering and the constant review of everyday needs build the foundation for the development of numerous innovative technologies that offer users real added benefit.

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The hansgrohe brand stands for multi-award winning showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen mixers, as well as kitchen sinks that focus on the needs of users, making their living environment more beautiful and comfortable.


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AXOR One bathroom collection by Barber Osgerby

AXOR One bathroom designs reveal their true colours

Building on the refined dimensions of AXOR One’s collection, AXOR One Colours celebrates water’s ephemeral quality with an inspired palette of six organic hues bound to invigorate any modern bathroom.

hansgrohe WallStoris solves bathroom organisation woes with modular components

The award-winning modular organisation system by hansgrohe offers the perfect mix of style and freedom of flexibility.

hansgrohe Finoris bathroom faucet with pull-out spray

Finoris: hansgrohe integrates a pull-out spray in a bathroom faucet

The highly versatile hansgrohe Finoris simplifies daily routines and transforms the washbasin into a wellness hub.

AXOR MyEdition – the 25th anniversary bathroom collection from AXOR

The AXOR MyEdition is a celebration of all of what AXOR does best – boundary pushing design, customisable concepts, and sleek, unique aesthetics.

Rainfinity: the power of nature, the beauty of design

Making a statement in the bathroom and bringing the power of rain to the shower, hansgrohe’s Rainfinity showers bring nature’s wonder indoors.

HYLA Concrete light house street-front

The Beauty Of Béton Brut Extolled In The Concrete Light House

HYLA Architects’ Concrete Light House reinterprets the tropical house with concrete as an endearing protagonist.

hansgrohe finishplus faucet

Faucet Finishes To Suit Your Style From hansgrohe

The new metallic, black and white styles in hansgrohe’s FinishPlus surface design portfolio will be made available on two of the most popular faucets.

Tropical Modernity At 80ADR-House By ONG&ONG

ONG&ONG expands on the Modernist language of a house, and adapts it for a multi-generational family in Singapore.

Your Gentlest Shower Yet, Courtesy Of Hansgrohe’s PowderRain Effect

Unlike conventional showers, the flow of water from Hansgrohe’s PowderRain showerhead is not so much in droplets as a fine spray that thoroughly moistens the skin – the result of a series of carefully engineered silicone nozzles.


Let The Rain In: AXOR PowderRain Shower

Intricately sculpted nozzles are the secret to a fine micro-spray of water that softly envelops the body. AXOR PowderRain will be your gentlest shower yet.

How hansgrohe Revolutionises The Kitchen Sink Typology

The new kitchen sink units from hansgrohe feature a streamlined control concept that brings the control unit closer to users, giving added convenience regardless of age, height and physical condition.

Metropol Classic: A Touch Of Gold From hansgrohe

A little gold goes a long way in interior design. hansgrohe presents Metropol Classic, a new range of mixers with elegant gold accents created for discerning high-end bathrooms.

The Intuitive Minimalism of Axor One

Designed by Barber & Osgerby, the Axor One shower control module does away with dials and knobs and presents a highly intuitive ‘Select’ button that will eliminate that dreaded shower fear.

AXOR Goes New School with the Old School

Hansgrohe presents a range of floorstanding bath mixers in the style of the first industrially manufactured fittings, and brings them into the 21st-century with technology for a high-performance finish.

Axor Citterio E

Essential Elements For The Bathroom

Hansgrohe introduces Antonio Citterio’s third bathroom collection for Axor Citterio E and a new system of bathroom accessories – both designed to make life within and around the bathroom more meaningful.

Axor WaterDream 2016 at FuoriSalone

Leading architects and designers were invited by Axor to create their own spout, and here are the results.

Barber & Osgerby Designs An All-In-One Bathroom Solution

Axor collaborates with London-based design duo Barber & Osgerby to produce the company’s first all-in-one interactive shower control element.


Habitus Singapore Special Issue – Kitchen & Bathroom: Official Launch

The first-ever Habitus Singapore special issue – kitchen & bathroom launched last Friday evening at Big Hotel, Art Seasons gallery.

hansgrohe Croma

Introducing The New Croma Select Range of Showers by Hansgrohe

Find out how Hansgrohe’s innovative Croma Select range offers the ideal shower experience at the touch of a button.


Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe from Hansgrohe

The new all-round comfort system from Hansgrohe offers a pampering shower experience with convenient Select technology and three different overhead shower sprays.