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Avaani Nandan


Expert Insights: Smart building technology drives a safer workplace

How can we improve the workplace during these unprecedented times? Susheel Koul of JLL, will discuss with me how he’s answered this question. Susheel is division president, co-leading the Asia Pacific business of JLL.

How digitization helps deliver healthier hotels– and happier guests

The pandemic’s impact on the tourism industry has redefined the term “hospitality” for many hotel operators. This observation was recently confirmed for me by Shreeharsh Bhandari, chief technology officer with Panchshil Realty, one of India’s largest property owners.

How Connected Building Technology Delivers Business Value in Commercial Real Estate

A new opinion paper from IDC explains how connected building technologies can help deliver higher real estate asset values and help manage the new challenges brought about by the global pandemic.

New Smart Building Technologies Help Maintain Real Estate Value in the Pandemic

I was honored to speak about re-imagining the future of the workplace at last month’s Propel by MIPIM Paris event where top real estate leaders from around the region gathered, both physically and virtually.

How We Should Build Sustainable Homes of the Future

Compared to many other industries, the construction industry has traditionally been slow at technological development[1]. This is changing rapidly, and more than digitization and emerging technologies, Sustainability is going to become one of the dominant disruptive forces to transform construction industry, and specifically, housing construction, in this century.