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Wear the world on your wrist

It’s being touted as the ‘wearable for the world’. Worldbeing, a wearable and app designed by Benjamin Hubert of Layer may just change our relationship with nature. Alice Blackwood reports.

Wear the world on your wrist

Are you ready to be a little bit inspired? I am.

This time we live in, it’s an interesting juxtaposition of digital versus human – on one end of the axis is green living – our growing devotion to health and wellbeing, mindfulness and slow living, our appreciation for the hand-made, organics, yoga, cycling, relaxation and environmentally conscious living.

On the other end of the axis is the wide open horizons of the digital age – touch-free transactions, online purchasing, intuitive devices – it all feels very impersonal while also being exquisitely sensitive to our personal likes, wants and needs.

Cue Worldbeing – a wearable and app that brings it all together ­– tracking our lives digitally to draw an accurate picture of just how much impact we have on the world around us – and on ourselves.


Launched by Layer, the new experiential industrial design studio founded by Benjamin Hubert, Worldbeing (supported by the Carbon Trust) tracks your carbon usage, encouraging you to make better decisions – whether it how you travel or how where/how you shop for groceries.

And the best bit? It links you in to a community, both virtual and real, where you can challenge one another and egg each other on, and through the power of crowd-pull, perhaps transform the world.

Together the wearable and app are like a tool that brings user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) into play. Through both you can measure your daily carbon footprint as you eat and drink your way through the day; measure your travel; track your modes of transport through your wearable; track your purchase information through store and credit card; monitor your home energy consumption; monitor your device-specific energy consumption – this little piece of innovation can do it all.

It’s an exciting proposition and the potential for personal empowerment and community strength is clear. But enough from me – watch the video and see it all in action, below.

Over 600,000 people have already shown their support for Worldbeing. Join this social, physical and digital movement against climate change, via Thunderclap.












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