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Chinese artists and designers push the creative boundaries of crystal at Beijing Design Week.

BY Janice Seow

1 October, 2013

Swarovski recently invited a new generation of Chinese artists and designers, namely Liu Feng, Naihan Li, Shi Jianmin, Song Tao and architect Ma Yansong to contribute to a series of major commissions exploring the concept of memory in the fast-developing digital age, using crystal as the main inspiration.

Osmosis Interactive Arena by: Arik Levy

Osmosis Interactive Arena, Arik Levy

The results were shown alongside art pieces from designers from the West such as Arik Levy, Maarten Baas, rAndom International, Yves Behar and Ron Arad, which were just displayed at the Design Museum, London last month.

Crystallize by: Paul Cocksedge

Crystallize, Paul Cocksedge

“It is a true honour to collaborate with some of the most brilliant talents in the Chinese design community. It’s inspiring to see how these creative visionaries reflect their perspectives and demonstrate both innovation and tradition in their extraordinary works,” says Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board.


Study of Sunshine, Ramdom International

The interior of the exhibition and its external facade were designed by MAD Architect’s Ma Yansong, who took the facets of a crystal as inspiration to create a journey of choreographed space, entitled ‘Moon Landscape’.

Amplify, Yves Behar

Amplify, Yves Behar

“The overall environment is reflective and black, creating an environment that allows the audience to focus more on the art pieces,” Ma explains. “When the audience finishes viewing and experiencing the art pieces, they will think about the exhibition space and may perceive the design of the space in an entirely new way.”

Beijing Design Week, 2013

Swarovski Digital Crystal

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