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Walk on Gold

The Nepal Gold series of tiles from White Horse offers a luxurious new way of looking at your floors.

BY jesse

7 June, 2012

Functional, frills-free and perhaps even a little boring – that’s how too many people view their floors. Truth be told, however, there are myriad ways to add some pizzazz to our floors. With White Horse’s latest series of tiles for both the indoors and outdoors, the option to be a little more adventurous with how we tile our floors just got that much more tempting.

White Horse

The Nepal Gold series of tiles features natural stone textures in either a copper or sea green colour base. The tiles have hints of gold and black respectively, and the hues are very naturally incorporated into the tiles for a timeworn look that is entirely charming. They are extremely versatile in complementing various styles as well because of their easy-to-match tones.

White Horse

These tiles can be used in outdoor spaces like pool terraces, patios, as wall or floor tiles. Extremely resistant to wear and tear, the tiles also have a texture that not only enhances its natural look, but also makes it slip-resistant. Alternatively, these tiles work just as well in homes or commercial spaces.

White Horse

The tiles come in 5 different formats, ranging from standard 60cm x 60cm formats to large 80cm x 160cm formats that are best suited for bigger spaces. Of note, these larger sizes allow you to create a near seamless floor, which only further enhances the subtle, natural look of your floor. Of course, you can easily customise the tiles in a bespoke size to suit your needs.

Offering a unique take on floor tiles, the Nepal Gold series of tiles is perhaps a luxury that you can afford to indulge in.

White Horse

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