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The V-ZUG Combi-Steam XSL

The Swiss brand’s new Combi-Steam XSL with fixed water connection promises greater ease of use and even better cooking results than before.

BY jesse

10 April, 2012

Microwaves are the past, steamers are the future, so states V-ZUG, and the Swiss brand looks to prove it with their Combi-Steam XSL. With the product’s fixed water connection, fresh water is available any time steam is needed for cooking, while the integrated water tank is now only required for automatic cleaning and descaling.

The new Combi-Steam XSL has a Regeneration function with ’Moist’ for things like vegetables and meat where steam, followed by hot air, gently regenerates the food whilst retaining valuable nutrients and vitamins; while in ’Crispy’, it helps keep the bases of pizzas and the like crispy and the topping juicy.


Also new is the Steam-reduction function that can be activated during operation to obtain an uninterrupted view of the food being cooked for a short time. And when cooking has finished, steam reduction is automatic, enabling food to be removed immediately from the steamer without one having to contend with clouds of steam.

In addition, the new fully extendible runners make handling easier.

All other existing special features are included in the new model, so expect to find an XXL cooking space with a volume of 51 litres, and other great functions that make cooking a cinch, such as the ’BakeOmatic’ function that makes cooking easy and automatic; a ’GourmetSteam’ function where gourmet recipes can be pre-programmed and activated by a mere button; and a patented automatic soft-roasting function where the desired ’end of cooking’ can be selected to the minute.

The Combi-Steam XSL with fixed water connection also has an energy efficiency class A-30%.

Available in Singapore at Kitchen Culture.

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