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The Cherche Midi

Kiyomi Suzuki’s carbon fibre chair is incredibly light – and strong.

BY jesse

28 May, 2012

Kiyomi Suzuki is a bright young talent who is starting her design career full of promise with a chair that you can lift with a finger – for 2.

Cherche Midi

Suzuki, who previously worked for Atelier Jean Nouvel in Paris and is now chief designer at Ishimaru Co., Ltd., has constructed a chair out of 100 per cent woven carbon fibre, which is 10 times stronger than steel. And thanks to the innate qualities of the material, the chair weighs a mere 960g.

The designer says she was inspired by “an image of drifting leaves in the gentle breeze and a silhouette of a curved stem of a Calla lily”.

The Cherche Midi is available in Singapore at Kokuyo.

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