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Pirouette® Window Shadings

Top choice of window fashion that draws natural light deeper into the room, illuminating each room with the beautiful warmth of diffused light to exude an inviting, soft-to-the-touch aesthetic.

BY jesse

6 May, 2013

Thanks to their soft, adjustable fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing, Pirouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas efficiently optimise natural light while diffusing it to reduce glare. They also filter UV rays that can be harmful to furnishings, blocking up to 86 per cent of rays when the vanes are open and up to 99 per cent when closed.

Hunter Douglas

With the gentle pull of a single cord, textured fabric vanes in beautiful colours can be flattened for a smooth finish, slightly raised for a gentle, contoured look, or fully opened to provide a clear view of the outside.

Hunter Douglas

Fabric vanes raised slightly for a gentle, contoured look

Hunter Douglas

Fabric vanes fully opened to provide a clear view of the outside

The technology lies in the revolutionary Invisi-Lift™ system that suspends the shading’s soft vanes for variable light control. A single operating cord, hand-held Platinum™ remote or wireless wall switch allows shadings to be closed for privacy, adjusted for precise light control and view-through, or completely open by retracting into the headrail. Shadings are custom built to ensure windows of varying heights have consistent vane alignment from window to window when ordered in the same fabric and vane size.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas

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