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Everrich II Apartments, Vietnam

The second phase of an ambitious residential project in currently underway in Ho Chi Minh City.

BY jesse

29 March, 2012

Everrich II is the first high-density residential project of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City. The challenging development, headed by dwp, features a total of 3,500 apartment units housed not in separate blocks, but one single building inspired by a Möbius strip.


The undulating loop is designed to soften the hard, imposing impression of a large, single block. The unique shape has multiple intentions and implications: to encourage a variety of different views and sun angles, allow for airy roof terraces, enhance the integration of landscape into the building, and enable different types of units to be developed.


The residences are also supported with 2 floors of retail and recreational programme; when completed, there will be shops, a cinema, parking and several swimming pools.


The project is located Phu Thuan on the periphery of Ho Chi Minh City, and faces both the Saigon river and Ba Buom Canal. The low-density neighourhood is only just beginning to see the emergence of new developments, and given its size and the amount of commerce it will bring to the area, Everrich II is expected to set the precedent for the area when completed.


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