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Benjamin Hubert x Cappellini

’Garment’ marks Benjamin Hubert’s first collaboration with Cappellini, launched at the Milan Furniture Fair.

BY jesse

9 May, 2012

In his first design for Cappellini, Benjamin Hubert explores the process of dressing a piece of furniture whilst defying the conventions associated with upholstery.



A single piece of textile is loosely folded around a distinctive geometric polyurethane form to create ’Garment’.




This construction and loose cover allows for creases to become part of the character of the chair, reminiscent of a piece of fashion, and increases the sensation of visual softness.

The chair’s construction is ’stitchless’ as it’s comprised of a single sheet of textile fixed onto the form with velcro. The chair is detailed with inverted box pleats reinforcing this relationship with clothing. The cover can also be easily removed and interchanged based on the season or fashion.


Benjamin Hubert


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