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Baker at Proof Living

The American brand’s broad and highly versatile collection has now arrived in Singapore at the Proof Living ION showroom.

BY jesse

7 May, 2012

Following its successful introduction of American brand Barbara Barry to Singapore a couple of years ago, Proof Living is taking yet another leap forward with Baker, which incidentally also carries a 62-piece Barbara Barry collection.

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry for Baker

Baker’s approach to design and construction of upholstered furniture is similar to the way a couturier approaches a garment. At Baker, what’s inside a piece of furniture is just as important as what is on the outside.


Barbara Barry Social Scene Sofa


Thomas Pheasant Dining Chairs

There’s a distinctly harmonious balance between scale and proportion, and Baker uses up to 11 layers of material on seats and backs to give exacting comfort and durability. The finest-quality lumber is also used with interlocking joinery, braced and fastened to last a lifetime. 


Laura Kirar Dorada Cocktail Table

Each of Baker’s collaboration with designers offers something unique.

Barbara Barry’s style is characterised by fluid lines, and balanced and graceful proportions; Thomas Pheasant’s classical-meets-contemporary style is defined by symmetrical forms with added classic decorative elements; Laura Kirar’s designs draw inspiration from organic forms; and Bill Sofield’s design are inspired by his travels. Many of his pieces also feature exotic materials.


Bill Sofield Kiosk Butlers Cabinet


Proof Living

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