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Arras Spine by Herman Miller

Research led design from Herman Miller again sets a new benchmark in smart office furnishings.

BY jesse

6 May, 2013

With the growing focus on hot-desking and activity based work practices in commercial workspaces, we hear a lot about “versatility” and “flexibility”, but rarely is it demonstrated so innovatively as it is with the new Arras Spine from Herman Miller.

Arras Spine

Time and again proven as leaders in the field of workplace reinvention, the next generation of the Arras desking system strives to facilitate heightened productivity rather than dictate work practices.

Arras Spine

Designed by Marc Fong specifically for the Asia Pacific market, the original Arras system directly responded to the needs of the region. Taking this successful program one step further, the Arras Spine expands on Herman Miller’s learnings from extensive research to offer a modular, enabling suite of products.

Arras Spine

As the name would suggest, the genius of the Arras Spine hinges on the communal channel that links various components – promoting collaboration whilst supporting adaptability.

Arras Spine

With a focus on interactive and behavioural fluidity, the Arras Spine affords the user the opportunity to quickly and easily adapt the space, to rearrange and reconfigure the sum of its parts to best perform for them there, in that moment.

Arras Spine

Not content to be solely defined by its practicality, Herman Miller’s Arras Spine also presents immaculately. With smooth lines, rounded corners and a palette of inspiring colours to choose from, Arras Spine shrugs the ‘traditional’ office aesthetic with timbers, planting options and an environmental consideration that allows for full disassembly with no components chemically bonded.

Arras Spine

Functionally, the spine powers up each work environment by supporting lighting, digital display screens, power outlets and connectivity.

Herman Miller Arras

Where the demands on the worker are not rigid or predictable, the capabilities of the Arras Spine will ensure complete control over their domain.

Herman Miller

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