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The Office of SCA Design

The SCA team put their creative minds together to design a workspace for their people.


BY jesse

28 May, 2012

SCA Design specialises in corporate and education interior design services, and top on its agenda was to build a creatively stimulating space to inspire and where all 30 employees would feel at home.

“It’s a home for our people, so the design was driven by our most valuable asset, our people,” says SCA Design’s director, Brandon Liu.

SCA Design

The winning design in an internal competition features modular and dynamic spaces via an open plan studio, which serves to promote interaction between team members. The office also showcases innovative and creative use of recycled materials. An old golf buggy, for instance, has been rescued from the rubbish chute and given a new lease of life, while a miniature driveway runs through the office, creating an outdoor setting within the office interiors. Old crates hang high across the ceiling, and egg cartons line the walls to form inexpensive acoustic padding.

SCA Design

“Very much a part of what we do for our clients is driven by sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. For us, our studio was an opportunity to experiment on ideas that we hadn’t tried before and push the boundaries on how we could define a sense of place and identity through using materials in a different context,” Liu explains.

SCA Design

SCA Design

“It’s a place that we are proud of and a place that staff feel at home. No offices, just a single collaborative workspace where we can grow together as a team,” Liu continues. “It really does help us to improve communication and [how we] learn from one another while also being a great place for celebrations and Friday night drinks.”

SCA Design

SCA Design

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